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Are you taking work home with you?


Are you feeling overwhelmed and burdened?

Do you find yourself doubting yourself and your career choice?

Many therapists and healers I work with are struggling in their personal lives. They are wondering how they can effectively help others, when it's hard to help themselves. You might be experiencing vicarious trauma, burnout, and compassion fatigue. Or you might be shaming yourself for not being able to use the skills and techniques you teach to others with yourself. It can be a struggle to seek help.

Balancing life and working as a therapist is particularly challenging. I deeply understand the challenges you go through. I know what it’s like to feel messy when you are supposed to be put together. It can be a struggle to seek support, but trust me, you deserve it!  The energy you put into healing others is noble. Allowing yourself to experience the space to replenish, be nourished, and heal is so important.

I can help you to let go of the burdens that do not belong to you and reconnect to your joy. I provide a safe, non-judgmental, supportive, compassionate, understanding environment for you to go beyond process, let go of, and transform whatever is no longer serving you. We will work towards helping you to feel inspired and clear about your personal and professional path. Therapists deserve therapy!

Issues I work with:

❧ Being Human

❧ Perfectionism

❧ Vicarious Trauma

❧ Compassion Fatigue

❧ Burnout

❧ Relationships

❧ Personal growth and development

❧ Connecting with your authentic self

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