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Are you longing to create a life that you love?

Are you wondering how to attract what you truly desire?


Are you on a journey of self discovery?

Many clients come to me feeling out of sync in their lives and longing for passion and purpose. Maybe you feel frustrated by your life circumstance and are tired of looking outside of yourself for approval and sense of worth. You struggle with fears and doubts. You are uncertain if you are on the right path. Negative self-judgement and perfectionism are getting in your way of feeling happy and leading a joyful and productive life.

Maybe you’ve been in therapy before or tried coaching, meditation, yoga, and/or other mindfulness practices, but continue to feel disconnected and dissatisfied in your life.  People are always coming to you for support and now you feel that you are the one in need of help.

You can live the life you desire. I help my clients to embody their deepest truth, find meaning, and live in connection to their highest purpose. I help clients let go of living by other people's’ standards and attract what they truly desire in life.

Issues I work with:


❧ Soul Work

❧ Spirituality

❧ Consciousness

❧ Transitions

❧ Anxiety

❧ Depression

❧ Trauma

❧ Relationship difficulties

❧ Career changes

In therapy I provide a safe, compassionate and supportive atmosphere to do deep inner work and healing. I can help you to peel away the layers of self-doubt in order to find your inner strength, light, and wisdom. Pain has the potential to be transformed into personal power. I would be honored to guide you on this path.

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