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Are you struggling to manage home, work, and family?

Is your child acting out, depressed or anxious?

Do you feel you are at a loss as to how to help yourself or loved ones?

Many of the families I work with are struggling with an acting out, depressed or anxious child. You’ve tried, being more strict, imposed more rules but it’s not working. It seems to make things worse. You don’t want to turn into your parents but feel at a loss about what else there is to do.  

Whether you are new parents, have young children at home, or are dealing with tween and teenagers, the overwhelm of life, work, school and raising a family can be extremely intense. Watching your child struggle in life can be devastating, heartbreaking and confusing. You may feel like you are failing as parents.

This may have increased tension with your spouse or partner. Perhaps one of you feels the other is too strict, or too permissive. You long to feel close as a couple again but you are constantly fighting about how to work through these struggles together.

Juggling work, life, relationships and the demands of parenting is challenging for many parents. I have helped all types of families heal, reconnect, and get back on the path to success.

I can help you bring the laughter, warmth and connection back into your home while building a family system where there is mutual trust and respect for one another. I help your family get on the same page and effectively manage discipline while still being a supportive and loving. We will also work to find ways to balance the romance and fun in your marriage or partnership while also being a present and effective parent. Allow me to help your family get back on track and reconnect. Contact me to help your family find balance in fair, loving ways, so your family can get back on the path to success.

I work with families struggling you work with:


❧ Children’s Tantrums

❧ Acting out Teens

❧ Depression

❧ Inattention

❧ School problems

❧ Communication problems

❧ Lack of confidence

❧ Addiction to gadgets

❧ Eating problems

❧ Negative attitudes

❧ Disconnection

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