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Do you feel like the bottom has dropped out of your life?


Are you longing to feel purpose and passion in your life and work?

Are you desiring a romantic relationship that elevates you rather than tears you down?

Many clients I work are longing to get “unstuck.” On the outside people may see you as “put together,” but inside you’re doubting every decision you make. You know it’s not good to compare yourself to others but you can’t help it. You see people around you living fulfilling, vibrant lives and it just amplifies the feeling that what you’re doing isn’t good enough. You may even think to yourself “who I am isn’t good enough.” You want so badly to feel connection that you overextend yourself in order to please other people. Now it feels like you are running on empty. You may be grieving the loss of a relationship or longing to find your soulmate.

You may be asking yourself:

“Will I ever be happy?

“Do I deserve to be happy?”

“Is happiness even possible?”

Happiness is possible and you are not alone in your struggles. I have helped my clients move through the pain and emotional turmoil and connect to their inner light. It is my deepest passion to support individuals who are feeling powerless, lost, and overwhelmed on their journey towards empowerment, joy, and authentic connection.

I can help you to:

❧ Cultivate more joy in you life

❧ Find your life’s purpose

❧ Create fulfilling relationships

❧ Feel more spiritually connected

❧ Experience a sense of clarity and groundedness

❧ Feel whole and empowered

I work with clients who are struggling with:


Spiritual issues

Existential issues

Lack of confidence






LGBTQ issues

Relationship issues


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