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Holistic Counseling for Body, Mind

and Spirit



You are on the right path!


Reaching out for help is the first step towards change.  

Connect more deeply with your partner. Renew your intimacy. Heal the wounds that get in your way of being in the relationship that you desire. In couples therapy I work from an attachment perspective to help heal the deep wounds that impact our daily interactions with our loved one. I will help you address not only the behaviors that drive you crazy, but work to heal the deep connection between you to promote intimacy.  

My approach to supervision is strengths-based, heart-centered, and collaborative. It is important to me that my supervisees feel supported and cared for. During supervision we will work towards helping you feel more confident and competent in your skills and interventions. I will attune to your unique needs and help you to grow in the ways you want to grow, while also opening you up to new models and ideas.

Transform your pain to personal power. Move in your life and relationships from your authentic self. Remove the obstacles that get in your way of living the life that you want. I work from a mind, body, energy perspective that acknowledges that profound influence of your family and current relationships or lack of relationship to honor the true you.

Promote healthy family relationships where love and limits meet with kindness and compassion. Every family has struggles at different stages from starting a family, to raising toddlers, to school age years, adolescence and empty nesters. Our relationship with our families deeply impact how we feel about and function in the world. Allow me to help you move forward with improved connection and understanding.  

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